Monday, February 27, 2006

Iraqi Sunnis Rebuild Destroyed Shiite Shrine

In a gesture of goodwill, Iraqi Sunnis in the northern city of Samarra are working tirelessly to rebuild the Golden Mosque, one of the holiest Shiite shrines which was devastated in an odious explosion last week. ...more
Shiite and Sunnis scholars perform prayers together at Abu Hanifa mosque in Baghdad.

The day of brightness

By Morteza Karimi
Since the year of 61(A.H), Moharram got a month of grief and mourning but during the centuries, new sad events have fanned the flame of it's sarrow. 209 years ago in 26th of Moharram, many holy places of Mecca including several domes were demolished by a British hatched branch of Islam and today enemies of Islamic unity with a new name and face do the same about the dome of two of our Imams.
Yes: cruelty and evil-doing is not a matter fo past but it won't continue forever; In a day of brightness, there will appeare a man called Mahdi, the son of Imam Askari who will fight aggressors and make the world just and sate for all.

Latest News (9)

.Sunnis, Shiites rally outside UN Headquarters to condemn Samarra blast
A number of Shiite and Sunni Muslims angered by the defamation of the shrines of two Shiite Imams in Iraq gathered outside UN Headquarters in New York on Sunday calling for an end to the clashes in Iraq.
The New York-based Muslims, in the rally, called on the Iraqi people to maintain their unity and not let enemies exploit the current situation to create divisions among Sunnis and Shittes.
Muslims from Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and the Persian Gulf littoral states, including Iran, took part in the protest rally to condemn the attack on the ancient shrine of two of Shiite Islam's Imams in Samarra, northern Baghdad.
The protestors, carrying placards, urged an end to the violence in Iraq and acts of desecration of enemies such as Wednesday's bombing of the the holy shrine of Imam al-Hadi and Hassan al-Askari which resulted in the destruction of its golden dome.
They carried placards saying `Muslims are brothers' and `Those responsble for the attacks are enemies of Islam'.
Shiites and Sunnis should forge an alliance to neutralize plots hatched by enemies of Islam to incite violence and stir up a crisis in Iraq, a Sunni, Jabir, told IRNA.
Dozens of people were killed and many more injured in a bomb blast in the holy shrine of two of Shiite Islam's Imams in Samarra, 100km north of Baghdad, last Wednesday which destroyed its golden dome.
.Sunnis Said Ready to End Boycott of Talks
Sunni Arab politicians are ready to end their boycott of talks on forming a new government if rival Shiites return mosques seized in last week's wave of sectarian attacks and meet other unspecified demands, a top Sunni figure said Monday. ...more