Thursday, February 23, 2006

UMAA Condemns the acts of terrorism at the Shrine in Samaara.

Here is the press release from Universal Muslim Association of America (UMAA) :

UMAA strongly condemns the barbaric act of terrorism destroying the shrine of Imam Al-Askari and Imam Al-Hadi Naqvi in the city of Samaara. This act can never be condoned and Muslims in general have to stand up to it. It’s a dark and sad day for the entire Muslim world to sit and watch the destruction of the holy shrine. This act of terrorism has been done none other than the extremist Al-Qaeda Wahabis and their supporters in the muslim world. This is the production of the hatred ideology spread by the Takfiri views and the Wahabi Principles, that considers everyone who is different from them and their ideas, should be persecuted and removed. While we are condemning attacks by the non-Muslims on the Muslims, we should deal with the haters of the followers of Ahlulbayt (A). The minority extremist group hijacking the silent majority and trampling the covenant of Islam with impunity is unchallenged, while the rest of the Muslim scholars of the world remain silent. We urge and recommend that it is about time that such acts should be condemned by all the Muslim scholars of the world to put an end to this kind of tyranny and acts of terrorism. Our hearts and minds are with our brethren who were affected during this attack and we pray for the souls of those who lost their lives and for the rehabilitation of the affected families. We make a special request for the US State Department to look into this matter and take a strong note of the happenings in Samaara.


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