Thursday, February 23, 2006

New Zealand Muslim Community voices outrage at Samarra desecration

Muslim Community in Wellington, New Zealand on Thursday expressed outrage at desecration of the Islamic sanctities in Iraq.
"On behalf of all the Shia Muslims in New Zealand, the Islamic Ahlul-Bayt Foundation of New Zealand condemns the bombing shrine of Imam Ali al-Naqi and Imam Hassan al-Askariya (peace be upon them), which are located in Iraq," New Zealand Muslim Community said in a statement faxed to IRNA.
"We believe that such anti-Islamic and brutal terrorist attacks are vicious violation of religious values aiming to cause discord, sectarian wars and damage national unity in Iraq.
"Such inhuman acts were carried out by terrorist agents who are creating circumstances that have led to insecurity in Iraq.
Unfortunately, terrorists are using the name of Islam and we strongly oppose any such association.
"Terrorists do not represent any religion or belief and only want to forward their destructive methods using any means possible.
"We, the Islamic Ahlul-Bayt Foundation of New Zealand, express our condolence to all Muslims and religious people of the world. We are against any act of disrespect to any religious belief, and this is sadly a continuation from the printing of the cartoons against the holy Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him & his family).
"This week we are sad and unhappy about the broadcast of the South Park cartoon on C4, which created controversy on the great "Saint Mary" (Mother Mary), who is very respected and loved by all Muslims and about whom a chapter titled "Maryam (Mary)" has been revealed in the Holy Quran.
"Such acts of terrorism either through violence or use of insensitive media cannot destruct the strong will of Muslims and all peace loving people of the world. We stand united and in solidarity against all such disgraceful acts and ask for the support of all the people of New Zealand.


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