Saturday, February 25, 2006

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.Sunni and Shia in talks
Influential Shia and Sunni religious and political leaders have held talks in Baghdad saying they will join forces to ease sectarian bloodshed that has raised fears of civil war in Iraq. ...more

.UK Muslims protest against Iraq shrine bombings
Muslims in Britain Saturday were gathering in London to demonstrate against the evil destruction and bombings of the shrines of Imam Hadi (AS) and Imam Hassan Al-Askari (AS) in Samarra, Iraq. ...more

.German Muslims voice outrage over Samarra blasts
German Muslims rallied in Berlin to express their outrage over the latest bomb blasts of the two holy Shiite shrines in Samarra, Iraq, IRNA said on Saturday.
Muslim Protestors, among them Iranians, Arabs and Turks, gathered in the city center, calling on Shiites and Sunnis to remain unified and vigilant in the wake of continued foreign plots to destabilize Iraq.
Carrying pictures of the two holy Shiite shrines in Samarra, demonstrators "condemned the terror attacks in the strongest possible terms".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

kill tony blair and kill the british troops-they are evils.
they work by inciting others to do their dirty work and enjoying fruits later.
destroy england and english race.

2/27/2006 2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Britain’s nuclear espionage

By our staff writer
A careful survey reveals the clandestine dimensions and unconventional activities undertaken by Britain to acquire nuclear weapons technology both before and after World War II.
The British government gained access to the United States’ nuclear expertise, particularly the process of producing nuclear bombs, through espionage measures. The cooperation of British nationals residing in the United States was an effective measure taken to gather the information and transfer it to Britain.
Documents published in the UK indicate that after Britain became aware of theories about atomic bombs and realized the power that would be bestowed on the possessors of such weapons, the British intelligence services began making efforts to gain access to the process of producing nuclear weapons.
Along these lines, the British government latched on to the United States, both covertly and covertly, to gain access to nuclear weapons technology, and simultaneously began to gather information about the nuclear capabilities of France, the Soviet Union, and Germany, focusing its efforts on sabotaging the nuclear programs of those countries, particularly Germany.
According to some documents, the British government never had the necessary expertise, resources, or information for producing or testing nuclear weapons, but, using their old colonial tricks, stole the information from other nations.
In addition to its espionage activities in the United States, France, Germany, and the Soviet Union, the British government also made efforts to employ nuclear scientists from Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union, the United States, China, and India to acquire the necessary expertise.
The colonization of Africa, the exploitation of the continent’s uranium reserves, and theft of equipment from Germany and the United States to equip British nuclear centers were essential for London’s nuclear weapons program.
The cold calculus of realpolitik also helped Britain realize its nuclear ambitions.
The outbreak of World War II, the establishment of the Eastern Bloc in Europe, the end of the colonial era and British imperialism, fear of France and the possibility that France and Germany would form an alliance created a critical situation for Britain that required the cooperation of officials in London and Washington to plan a strategic alliance for the post-WWII era.
Such motivations obliged both the United States and Britain to make a comprehensive decision, which historians call the great transaction.
In this transaction, the spheres of influence of the two countries were demarcated and both felt bound to form a strategic alliance.
They also agreed that the two partners could only impose their will on the post-WWII world, and particularly on the Soviet Union, Germany, Japan, and France, through bilateral cooperation in which the United Kingdom would be granted total access to all the nuclear technology and expertise of the United States.
Thus, nuclear equipment and expertise were transferred to Britain over a short period of time. This strategic cooperation, or special relationship, paved the way for further collaboration of the two countries in activities against many countries after World War II.
Relying on their illegitimate nuclear weapons, the United States and Britain imposed their demands on many countries, including Vietnam and Iraq, while they realized, and justified, their nefarious objectives by using their influence at the United Nations Security Council.
Because weapons of mass destruction bolster the hegemonistic power of a state, London is continuing the process of developing chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons.
Although Britain is currently producing conventional weapons for sale on the world arms market to boost its economy, it also maintains a formidable arsenal of unconventional weapons.
From what has been said, one can clearly recognize the double standards and discrimination of the British government, which has always sought to gain access to weapons of mass destruction but is now trying to prevent Iran and other countries from gaining access to civilian nuclear technology that they aim to use for peaceful purposes, such as the production of energy and agricultural and medical activities.
Nevertheless, it is quite clear that Britain will fail to achieve its goals, and that the aware people of the modern world, including those in the UK, will oppose the double-standard policies of the British government.
In The Cunning of History, Rubenstein also finds uncomfortable parallels between the Nazis and their opponents. For example, a Hungarian Jewish emissary meets with Lord Moyne, the British High Commissioner in Egypt in 1944 and suggests that the Nazis might be willing to save one million Hungarian Jews in return for military supplies. Lord Moyne,s reply: "What shall I do with those million Jews? Where shall I put them? Writes Rubenstein: "The British government was by no means adverse to the final solution, as long as the Germans did most of the work. " For both countries, it had become a bureaucratic problem, one that Rubenstein suggests we understand "as the expression of some of the most profound tendencies of Western civilization in the 20th century
Taking the issues from bottom to top, the three sets of facts which the citizens must know, are the following:
The simplest and most immediate set of facts which the citizen must know, is that the present-day neo-conservative movement in the United States was created by and is run from the highest level of the British oligarchy, through institutions such as the fascistic Mont Pelerin Society ("mother" of the Heritage Foundation), the international press-empire owned by Conrad Black's Hollinger Corporation, and the wealthy oligarchs whom Clinton-basher Lord William Rees-Mogg long served as chief editor of the London Times.
Most U.S. citizens are still deluded by the fairy-tale, that the British Empire no longer exists. The truth is, that while the ordinary people of the United Kingdom never really controlled their monarchy or its governments, less so today than ever before, the Queen of England is the head of state of sixteen nations, including Canada, Australia. New Zealand, Jamaica, and so on. The British Commonwealth, headed by the same monarchy, controls nations representing nearly thirty percent of the world population, and nearly one-quarter of the world's land-area. Through the City of London, the British monarchy controls not only the majority of the world's financial speculation, but also over sixty percent of the world's precious metals trade, and comparable portions of the world's strategic minerals, fossil fuel, and internationally traded food-supplies. London is also, incidentally, the acknowledged world headquarters for international terrorism, and the principal center of pilot-production for a large portion of international bad taste, as well.
The highest, and most important level of facts and ideas which any informed U.S. citizen must know, is the nature of the irreconcilable difference in morals and philosophy, which defined the British monarchy as, officially, the principal enemy of the United States, from 1776, until the inaugurations of the London assets known as Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, the same issues which defined the fierce quarrel between Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Franklin Roosevelt, during World War II.

2/27/2006 2:56 PM  

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