Sunday, February 26, 2006

Iraqi national cohesion weathers the storm

The bombings of the holy shrines of the tenth and eleventh Shia Imams, Imam Hadi (AS) and Imam Hassan Askari (AS), on Wednesday pained the hearts of both Shias and Sunnis alike. The goals of the bloodthirsty terrorists are clear: to trigger sectarian conflict, create division among the ranks of officials, and destroy Iraq’s national unity.
These cruel deeds carried out in the name of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (S) actually sully the reputation of Islam in the outside world, and it could take many years to convince non-Muslims that Islam would never approve of such acts.


Blogger Stefan said...

This are greetings from the sons of hate. Greetings from Bin Laden and Sarqawi.

I don´t beliefe it´s islam. I don´t beliefe it´s the faith from the sunni way.

That say, Iraq wake up. Especially Sunni wake up. Stop al connections to bad people or you saw through this disturbed building in your future.

A person which work with mud, can´t be clean. Iraq for the Iraqis!

2/26/2006 8:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we have to wait and see which party will finalliy take advantage of this terorrist action, USA , Islamic Rpublic of iran or other guys. in that case you can guess who was besides of all this events.

2/26/2006 10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

British spies are respnosible for attacks in sammara mosque.


Irak is right in demanding ouster of anglo-saxon spies from hollowed Iraki's soil.In name of uno, and before that leage of friends ,and now Amnesty International, this heyena country called england has installed a lot bof speis all over World and has virtually hijacked Americans to do their domestic and foreign policies for furtherance of british (engkland's ) interest than even American 's interest.

These days for last few years a lot of Kurdish refugees(who by the way are more aryans than all the europeans combined-though it is irrelevant here)are escaping from Turkey because of Turkish pressure. But nobody has ever stopped Turkey from having her air space nor has anyone bobed them. and why should anyone?Who has given right to a handfull of countries to be a policeman? Could they dare demand such thing at time of so called cold war? Every december,ever since gulf war there is a show of bullying tactics by anglo-saxons in middle east. There is really no ground but excuse is created because this race feels uplifted when others are insultated. Also there is a low cost exercise in bullying any other nation by military postures. Why should Iraq not have weapons as he desires?in 1981, when the israelis had bombed the iraqui nuclear reacto(a few days before going critical) it was britain)govt, and british media) who had vwhemently opposed Israeli daring action and did a lot of anti-jewish propaganda. Atleast Begin had a reason to fear from the arab enemy of israel. even in '82 Lebanon war it was britain which was most vociferous in criticizing Isreali militay action at the same time minimizing the Isreali Airforce's achievement in destroying Bacca's valley missiles through high tech method.In fact What americans did in gulf war was what Isreali had achieved way back in '82 in Lebanon war and America obtained that military know-how from Israelis after Lebanon war. But gulf war is justifiable on basis of military superirity but not Lebanon war. In fact when an american general said that america learned a lot from Israelis' achievement then the american defense minister Winnberg said that itAmerica learned not from Israeli but from British. Ofcourse we all know that Wnnberg was (awarded sir) more of anbritish defense minister than american one. He was pro-british and anti-jewish (and antirussian and all others aswell). In fact in lebanon war the american foreign secratary was changed because the british did not like Hague's attitude. This much britain exercises influence in american affairs. Now having installed all the stooges in Arab world britain has discarded her sham veil of Arabists and openly insults(through america ofcouse because on own britain is not even a fourh grade power)the arab world.Talking about the stooge, have you wondered why these days even Yeltsin's bad health no longer makes any headline news in anglosaxon world?Before any cold that Yeltsin had was niticed and still before that any peon from Russia had a headline news ' material. The reaon is simple. Britain has installed in Russia not only a mad man likes yelstin but also a second line of stooge successor to him. After Yelstin usefullness is over then he will be replaced by those second line of british stooge who at the moment are already controlling Russia and destroying her everyday. Democracy ,as understood today, basically means any system which gives free hand to britain to exploit other races. If their is one example of what an evil this so called capitalism is and what a saviour communism(britain does not dislike communism, she dislikes other's prosperity and independence whether it comes from communism, nationalism or what ever)is: this ruinous example of Russia is the real lesson. China is right to hold on to her nationalistic pursuit. It really is a war between anglo-saxons and the rest of the world. It is a race war.Sooner the rest of the world realizes that better it would be and this danger would be sorted out.

You remember that at the height of cold war in mid 80's there was a lot of activities of C.N.D. You would expect that with so called cold war finished, this C.N.D. would be asking to the british peoples to leave the nuclear weopons given to her,out of pity and filiaty, by the United states. But exactly opposite happened. C.N.D. has been defunct since than. It is as if that was a front of the british govt. to show by way of propaganda that that country had some moral voice.In other words, C.N.D. was a sham created by the british to give them respectability. Ofcourse when a non-anglosaxon country aould perfect their nuclear weopon,as France rightly did, then there would be a lot of hue and cry by the anglo-saxons' media. France and china are right in strenghtening their independent military power. The real danger to world comes from england and her anglosaxons agents. France understand that and Germany was a fool in not supporting France in Nato meeting this Summer. Just as Cnd has been proved a sham of british propaganda, more so is the sham which goes by the name of amnesty international. It is interesting that as soon falkland war started, within a few weeks this amnesty international presented a dozier on Argentina. In the same way as soon gulf war started(soon after Iraqui's intervention in kuwait) the same amnesty international presented a dozier and report on Iraqui's atrocities. an fact many of the amnesty allegations were just a copy of what british media was saying and which later on proved to be fabrication and great big lies. But bthis did not dent the reputation of amnesty international. british propaganda ensured that. IN '88 when Dalia lama,at the height of Tibetan disturbances, visited west, the then british prime minister refused to meet Him. Later on with the demise of Russia and usefullness of China gone and with manipulation to keep power in Hongkong somehow intact, the same british media and government ,like dog, started barking at China. It is interesting that amnesty international selectively targets those very countries(as it did china after cold war) who are out of faviour(because they would not be a brtish sttoge)of the british media and govt. This is not surprizing as amnesty international is the creation of british govt, and british media. england with the most appaling record of human rights in last 200 years of her evil rule, needed some organisation to keep the others from chrging england off her past and current evil practices. In other words it went for aggresive posture in propaganda war so that others can be demoralized and stopped from ponting out the real evil which is england. That is why amnesty international is one armour of the british lies to exploit the rest of the world. Amnesty international must be ignored and an independent human watchdog (which england will simply ignore) created. One purpose of amnesty international is to create an atmosphere for hatred towards the would be vitims of british exploitation so that a victim could be blamed to have deserved the consequences. That is why ,now amnesty international sometimes threatens China, sometimes India and etc. India because india needs to be cowed down and also so that India does not make nuclear wepon and thus feel free from future american(read english and anglosaxon)aggression. This is all to create an atmoshphere of mis information. The other countries are also responsible(out of sheer inferority complex) for giving these instuments of british propaganda so much imporatance. If they simply ignore and then the british lies and then themselves go in offensive(they can do it-no problem)against british exploitation and propaganda then tose countries would not in such dire strait as they are now. Think, this deteriration has happened in only last 20 years(thogh the british have been at this game for a long time but they were not always succesful when others have been vigilant).Ignoring and fighting all this anglosaxons propaganda, the other races(yes it comes to that) must unite and support each other against this common enemy england. The other nations should also go nuclear and assemble as much arm as possible ,collaborate on it and ignoring this anglosaxon race they must be prepared for war which tjhen would be prevented otherwise it would come inevitably. The other nations need to arm themselves to protect themselves from anglo saxon race. Thinking any other way is simply kidding oneself. And it can be done and will be done.

WE throw a challenge to these low lifes-if the English feel themselves
ao powerful them let them attack and win even Irak(already weaken by u.n.sanctions)without the help of u.n.sanctioins(that means Irak would have same freedom to acquire arms and means and Arabs and Israeli had in thier war)
and with out u.s.a. England is neither Isreal of today nor Sparta of yesterday.Let them be reminded that at height of thier empire in 1917, England was almost defeated
by Germans when German army's 3/4 th division was concentrated on Eastern front. These english are that weak and coward people.But thir mouth will have to shut for ever
when all the whites ,European and Thirld world unite against this english disese.
There is no point in telling them truth, they understand only one thing which they will soon get-tatal beating physically-the only language these animals understand. Hitler,who these worship
was wrong about the jews who were only british agents-what Hitler said about jews applied not to jews but to the english(anglo-saxons).race-pity he did not do the the british what should have been done instead. Well It is never too late.

For all those who talk of globalization and protection of intellectual property right, a small news which was never in prominent place in any of english speaking papers or news but was very much reported in French media. In the last weeks of October 98 was reported in French papers that 4 different French members of European Parliament were going to raise the question of industrial espionage of some 100 each of French and German companies by england in collaboration with u.s.a. and other anglo-saxon countries like Autralia and new zealand. In other words they same countries who made a lot of hue and cry over Indias nuclear test and who are the ones pushing for intellectual property rights and globalization. Thier modus operandi? Checking all satellite bases communication(telephone, fax, internet,etc)with help of klistening devices in anglosaxon countries and spying ao all the talks and messages all over world.This illegal activity is cordinated in england. European countries are loosins billions of dollars each years through leak of confidential techiqe and discovery. Apart form the fact that for tea,china, spices and plants this thief country england never paid anything for others' intellectual property right(why does royal doulton or british tea company not pay royalty to China?) this thief country england has done theft of German technology like urea making ang consequently ammunition making. In fact Standarsd oil company of america made a lot of theft of BAAs. a Germany company and many of the bombs which fell on Germany came from german tech. stolen by anglosaxon thieves england and america. That is not counting stolen from germans the tech. to make nuclear bomb and rockets. With these stolen technology has this anglo-american race been able to bully the rest of the world. And it wants to freeze the DIFFERENCE between it and other races in stone-for ever so that it can rule others unhindered. By the same mechanism it destroyed japanes and other Asian economies.

2/26/2006 12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

British are the terrorists number one-more dangerous than even israelis and americans-kill balir and british .

december 2002.

So according the the Guardian editorial on 2nd of Decemebr 2002 The british should try to topple, if they could have the power, the persons like daddam hussain, Dr. M. mahathir of malasia. Mr. Mugabe of Zimbawe, and Mr. Jacque Ciraque Of france. All of these people have one thinmg in common-they have all challneged the english bastardy and bully tactics . In fact their oppesition ot english intersts must make them heroes for the rest of world becasue entglish are the curse of this world and are real pestilence which should ebe eliminated. Remmeber when israel had bombed Iraques nuclear reactor in summer of 1981 days befor it going critical then it was the english media and their stooge english media who wre doing anti israeli propaganda along with Iraq-ofcourse at that time english thought that the only way to get ARAB MONEY WAS BY LICKING ARAB'S ARSE.- when america is kicking that arse then english like a hyena-that they are-have joined them. In fact english are actively sabotaging and spying european trade secrets-english are enemies not only of coloured population of the world but all other whites of Europe and of even america-english infiltration inside america has ensured that america foreign policy and even domestic policy is run for english benefit and small number of anglosaxonx(who are basically plumber class in america just like in england)-english is a race of pirates turned blumbers)That is why english have infiltrated media and hollywpood and are boring the rest of the world with their rubbish actors and actreess-who are more of whores than anything-that too ugly english whore. That is why though england does not produce anything worthwhile-may be infected beef?-it is still not under recession while japan .far east and whiole of europe has been made to live in prolonged recession by the english manipulation of stock market world bank and all unproductive financial transations.

The French prseident is right is demanding that britain give back to E. U. what it has been taking
unfairly for so long. After all it was never entitled to those money . Besides it has n=been britain who has been vociferous in wanting the enlargement of europe. The prupose why england wanted enlargement was basically to derail european integration and create a rift amonst partner states so that wiht the hepl of america braitain can As a pet dog of super=power(but never a power in itself though
propaganda would be about engand being some sort of power) this rubbish thirld rate country would terrorize and hopefully rule_as american proxy over other countries outside europe. In opther word england is harbouring an ambition of proxy empire(with american help_If it could do on its own then it owuld not have cared for america). tHAT ABITION OF enGLAND MUST BE CRUSHED.


25th october 2002

On the day chechnyan terrorists tokk hostage of 500 civilains in
A Moscow theatre, The headline of BBC was not about that but about sharp shooter terrorist being suppsedly caught in washington> In fact theis chechnyian news was fifth in item(including head line) . These days atlast the british media even say about chechnyian terrorist as terrorist otherwise 2 years ago they were always calling them freedom fighters(which they are -but that is another story). In fact the british media and england as a country had been actively supporting and giving material help to checnyaina terrorists9aided by cia and british spy and british media aswell).
If you lok at the report of british media then you realize the british involvemnt in terrorism by the chechnyian terrorists. When three multistory falts were wiped pout by terrorist in central Moscow a few years ago there was a gleee in british reprting and a criticism of later security arrangemnt by Russian forces in Moscow. ofcourse the british media would have been horrified and bar=king like a dog(which they are) if the Russians had decided to destory checknian civilians as the americans did in afganistan. Then you realize the humbug of british propaganda against terrorism-it is selective and meant to facilitate british infiltration in other countries, In fact the afganistan govet(after fall of Taliban) was oppsed to british tyroops (after all americans fought -what have british got?)presence in afgansitan-but armtwisting by british through american help ensures that rbtitish troops are there in afgansitan0they are forgeing infioltrators and thus should be eliminated(they have less legal reason to be in afgansitan than the soviets who had been primarily invited by the govt, of the day). the british involvemtn in international terrorism is not confined to agasnt Russian interset only.
When the kashmiris killed several Indian soldiers(regular phenomenon) the british paper(independent) blamed India for being a target of terrrism and not talking enough with what it called freedom fighters.(terminology changes according to british interts). Infact during the 80s when India was really relatively stable and srtongatlest the govet, was) then the british decided to destabilize India by sponsoring Sikh terrorismand taliban terorism aswell(agasnt INDIA AND AFGANSITAN). It is only when India has virtually been subjugated to look after british and american interst in economics and (with rteal weakening of india as military power) that the british decided to take supprt for terrrism somewhere else.
The whole world is being put under sieze by theis thrird rate power-england-a nation of plumbers(graduation from a nation of pirates turned shopkeepers) The modus operandi of english is by propaganda and spying through british media-paper, bbc and television-they have infiltrated american media and holly wood and are taking jobs from real americans too, They are real enemy of europe and are the main peple respnisnble for truning nations into thrild world and putting them down to status of thrirld world. Look ate how they destryed japansesw economy through manipulative stock market-while their market never crashes and their low life living in factory turned apartmnets-so ugly-never gets busted.
The world has to rise against this anglosaxon who are waging race war agasint all non anglosaxonas -, That evil can be defeated and eliminated -only people have to recognize real enemyaand then eliminate them.

2/26/2006 12:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How the british exploit even jews and british are the real terrorists race.


It is very interesting that the same type of english people(who are anti-communists, anti-blacks, anti-muslims, anti-catholics) started the same sort of propaganda(like used against russians and communists) against The Germans.the Frenchs and Europeans in general. First England did not want germany united(though during cold war it suggested that only Russians are against it). soon after German reunification and even before disintegration of Soviet union ,England changed the lie-tactics(through media and government) against Europe. There is one more thing. nato was supposed to counter warsaw pact, with the latter gone there was no discussion as to nato should be wound uop or not. Europe does not need nato. Europe can have and should have her own defence system as is the Germo-Franco_Italian_Spanish collaboration. that European defence pact must be stengthened rather than germany supporting nato. Actually england needs nato to prop up its nasty influence in military matters. With the help of usa and nato has england been able to prop up her influence. In fact england is ant-Europe and through nato it wants to keep a tab on european affairs and not let Europe get strong on her own. As england can not do this own her own it has let America involved in it(during empire days england hardly shared power with America but it needs America now). Germany or Europe does not need nato. In fact nato is the greatest enemy(through england)of germany and europe. How can england be so much anti-Germany,working dso much against German interests and be a major parterner in common defence pact?It is a ludicrous situation. England manipulates financial market(in last8 years through recession and what not london market has risen 3 fold while far Eastern markets-who are the main producers of consumer goods-has fallen drastically.). That is why it pumped up the value of pound before joing european sustem-ofcourse it was unsustainable but for devaluation of pounds the Germans and some jews(as said by bbc) were blamed. As england does not want German or any other European country to get economically strong and be financially independent of london market, it opposed Single currency vehemently.Even a so called left-paper like Guardian was suggesting that if Shroeder(of german spd party) were the chancellor than he would give more say(than others in europe) to England-so it would have been good. In other word they want special treatment for themselves. Why? When they talk of sovereignity is england not the main country pushing, threatning and cajoling the thirld world to accept World bank and IMF(created by america for englands interest) so called structral reform regardless of people's wishes. If other countries's destiny can be controlled by bureacrats in IMF. then why not England's by European's bureacrats? England is the most bureactic and centralised country in europe with all the regional making machinery smashed by the government with the help of bbc and all other propaganda machinery. And that England talks of local development and burocracy of European commission.Single european currency is a must for Europe not only for european economic advantage and stability but also because it will smash england's power of financial market manipulation. In Fact the rest of Europe should actively discourage england to join Euro, because then englnd@s financial power will be smashed and it will be good news for Europe and the rest of the world. Not only England want to eat rotten, viral infected meat but also wants to force feed the the rotten thing to the Europeans. When germany resists this nasty move on part of england to take rotten meat ,then germany-already a villain in their eyes -becomes a super villain. As soon as the news leaked out of viral infevted meats, the first reaction of bbc was not as to why it happened but ''Can Europe ban the xport legally?-has it got the right?''. there was never a hue and cry about cruel treatment of cows who were forced fed on infected animal meats(cows are vegetarian). This sort of so called commercial farming is the thing which has been pushed down the through of rest of world through GAT. which was made to suit anglo00saxons' interest.France was right to oppose gat in this form. If the similar thing happened in any other country in the world then this the same british media including bbc would hape said a cruel, primitive practice for rotten meat with no regard for peoples health or animals@ welfare. In fact for showing so much cruelty to animals in this case it is not the animals which should be killed but the peoples(british farmers and their media propagandists). There was and is always a support for such disgusting affairs by the british peoples and it shows what sort of people they are. we will british meat even if it is rotten. in fact there was hardly a influx of foreign meats followinf disclosure. This phenomenan of using rotten british product is not confined to beaf-it extends to everything . in fact protectionism at home and forced infiltration abroad is the name of game in england. And this is the country talking about liberalization. That is why british products,thogh rotten in quality are high in price. All this because of underlying protectionism. That is also why you will not only not get fresh ,healthy products but also you do not find variety in british life. In the name of traditional(to prect the internal market) britain sells to own people and a few foreign stooges, the same rotten cheese, the same low quality high priced car and same rotten but high price arms(Saudis and others are fed with it). Actually this clone like cancerous feature is very much english way of life. the english live in ame only 4 or 5 varieties of house, their furniture is the same 4 to five varietis their cothes are they same rotten unsmart types and their food is the sme rotten type with rotten ingediants. Then why do the englisjh live? for extacting money for money sake. this ia feature of parasitic and cancerous race. the same thing they have exported to where they went. that is why all anglo saxons countries show lack of variety.and it is the engl;ish who accused Russians of imposing their culture destroying variety in soviet union. As to talk of this supporting own rotten meat and drug industry(tobacco) for the sake of jobs, why can not the thirld world support her own industry for their jobs and prosperity. atlest thirld world still produces better quality food and clothes and even car than the general british joe is used to. When agitation was going on in South Africa in '86 against apartheid, the bbc reprted in support of apartheid that otherwise in case of sanctions against it would be british profits and jobs which would be lost.Such peoples who benefit by others misery should be made jobless. In fact capitalism and so called freedom for them means freedom to exploit other nations and give them misery. For themselves english never practice free market-it is for foreign suckers. England is a protected and market for themselves and their rotten products. For example, Honda(which rescued b.l.) and rovers are the same cars but rovers cost more because it is british car and because they sometimes put a thin veneer of wood in it. Bearing in mind the british homes have hardly got a furniture of solid good wood, the english are selling their cars not on engineering but on carpentry and tatty presentation. And as these shopkeepers never have class, they make a lot of noise about class too. in fact what british media says and what truth is 180 degreee apart.For foregn goods(car, consumer items etc) the english would be very fussy and wanrt to get at least price abut for british goods they would create all lies and excuses to pump up the price and sell. That ids why the advanced countries in Europe and far east are in recession and britain and other anglo-saxon countries (which except america is only primary producers of land-oil.timbers. etc-land stolen from others in last 250 years)are in boom. It is not even alive and let live. english like to wreck others ' prospect of prosperity or happiness. For example.england knew that it had no outside chance of staging soccer world cup.but it put forward proposal nevertheless at last minute at a time when Germany was well favourite for that. Why?-to wreck chances for GERmany to stage one.So Germany lost not only that glory but also a lot of money to immense satisfaction of english press and people. unemployment in Germany could have eased up if it had got the ofeerr to stage world cup, but no. And it is this Germany who agreed to british request to delay monetary union for 2 years (When britain is not going to be part of it even) . Had that monetary union come about earlier, German chancellor would not have been facing this problem as nhe is now. But then england has always survived on folly of these suckers who do not know who thier real friend or enemy are.nato which ia realyy an agent for english interest(and broadly anglosaxon interest) should have been rejected by Germany and also euro-fighter in place of truelly european (excluding britain ofcourse)military alliance. but Germany lost that chance and new cold war(egland has always done cold wars,it is too coward to enter in direct confontration without firsat weakening enemy with lies and propaganda machinery likebbc and others)has begun. For those who do not belive this let me give an example. Soon after fall of Berlin war, the editor of Sunday times(who is reknowned racist, anti communist and anti poor,pro capitalist and later came out to be anti Germans and antiFrench aswell) said on bbc that to protect nato and english interests ineurope ,may be americans should get out of germany and than british garrison can stay there because americans would be resented as occupying foreign forces while britain can simply say that they are european aswell and so stay. This from a man who is European hater and is one of leading propagandists against Germany (as he was against russia).So there you are-cat is out. The english are a foreign intusive element in europe through nato. In fact england should not have been allowed in european community ,barring this england must not be allowed to join european single currency if one wants to insure stability and cohesive stength of Euro.It is very interesting that the same editor of sundays times who rave about like a mad dog against germans ,French, Europe in general and ofcourse against blacks and socialists was also a sort of adviser to lady diana. That lady diana@s most of the friends during her fame have been what can be described, for lack of better word, a representative of greedy '80s is significant. Diana was a representative of that greedy shomful period called 80s and her main freinds were the same exploters which made 80s'climate of greed and shelfishness possible. Diana was minly liked by lower class shopkeepers and plumbers class -in other word whose forefatehrs were lumpen proletariat only a generation or two. She was neither aristocratic in taste nor her freinds were. but the same diana -a darling of greedy exploters with no class_ is being pumpep up by british people as some angel. This is all to give themselves importance. While bbc and british media always ignore others countries'important and good news, the other countries should also ignore british media and operate the same volantary blanket on british news(which in reality are not important anyway). Therew is no point in giving exposure and importance to the very propaganda machinery(british media) which though belonging to not even a 4th leage in military is a dangerous adeversary for spreading lies and demoralisation (they call it cold war-the only war they are effective at).Even you see what happened after cold war then you realize that what a shame the cold war was adn only for the benefit of britain. Since then soviet empire is gone but britain still boasts of evil empire called british empire which existed before soviet empire. If it was all right for russins (as was advisedby britain ) to exchange pltanks for tracters, to exchange empire for so called freedom the why did not britain disban empire in 1880(the same level of power as enjoyed by Russia in 1970): why britain not stop forcefully imposing a sell of arms on saudi arabia?propaganda was that soveit union was governed by a select few without any say of parliament. Who were those western media peoples advising Yelstin to storm the parliaments and if possible kill the parlimentarians if they do not approve of yelstil plan to sell Russia to English tobacco and liquers interests and english pimps? Ofcoursre it were mainly english and anglosaxons who were advising jelstin to take all the measures to be sell Russia cheap. soon after storming of parliament yelstin,with the support of anglosaxon media brought a constitutional changeds to give himself a dictatorial power. But then he is a western(read anglosaxon stooge) therefore he was hailed for that in western media. The result. There is only one thing selling in all earst while communist country-Anglo-american tobaccos@ product(drug), british and anglosaxon@whisky and liquers and prostitution. English never was, is or will be a language of culture but certainly it has become a language of prostitution and drugS(cigarettes) advertisement. Therfore through that mad, weak, ill man Yelstin these anglosaxons have made prostitutesof women, wifes and girlfriends; have left the helpless children on the cold, cruel streets and left the olds(who worked hard for their pensionable life) pauperforced to beg on the street. Even full war does not do that. Soviet union had better droppeped hundred hydrogen bombs on England and then gone pauper at least it would have satisfaction of having levelled with the enemy. (In fact in cold war russsiac did not need to target anywhre, if britain had the first possibility of being annhilated then war(because it was controlled by british and pro-british elements in states) would never have arisen.Cold war against Russia was started for the asame reason as cold war against Germany has started. TO keep britain in picture as it gives them a sense of false position, to harass other country and wreck others economy. IN august90, the soviets had captured some persons with british passports who were pumping up False notes of Roubles in russia. IN other words they were british agents who ,by putting illegal tenders were making rouble go down in value and ultimatily wrecking russian economy. THe english arew very careful of their savings and pension and economy. their deeds in other countries must be remembered to get even. Therfore english nature is to be cancerous like low form of lifes'like spread and to be vey intusive,and to pass as parasite srom one host to another(they call it cold war). Oher country have no choice to to neuatralize this cancer and remove it forcefully and bodily because otherwise the same game would be going on for ever.The main aim of england in europe is(and has been( to create a rift between germany and France or Russia or whosoever is strong so that england can play her intussive role in europe and bullying role in world. Having failed in creating this rift, the same english propagidists are saying that Europe should not become strong because it will create a rift and possible war between Europe and America. Why? When according to the same english propagandists american cultutre is(or should remain) predominantly european then why should be such a rift. Gradually with europe getting powerfull, this idea of rift will be instilled into americans just as a cold war was started between earstwhile allies by the english agents in media in britain and america. But why should america be influenced-it should not but it is : so let us examine the role of english propagandists in shaping up american foreign and domestic policy.
This all started soon after Nepoleanic war when in 1816 to 1817 The english again attacked america in her southern flanks and the day was saved only because of some French navy mercinaries and French speaking population of lousiana and such states along with non-english origin americans. But the english invaders infiltrated among that population of Sothern america which today calls itselvesves bible belt (whose god has always been english royalty and who worship only stolen money).By 1850 to 1860 England attacked earswhile friend (in Nepoleanic war) Russia in crimea along with earstwhile foe(now controlled by unpopular english sooge) France.-how the same pattern is so predictable in case of this intusive,cancerous exploitative race called english and anglosaxons. At that very time England was activelly supporting the slave exploitation,in fact all the big plantation owners were english derived and they owned loyalty not to flag of Unitated states of america but to England. -in other words they were agents of foreign country who wnted to keep south america occupy as foreign power again. The civil war in america was not only supported with money and arms by england but rather england was the instigater of american civil war in order to keep whole of america enslaved and if not possible atleast those parts (South) where it could call upon fillial loyalty. It was trully a war of race-not against whites and blacks but against anglosaxons versus blacks, Irish, other european peoples .THe same would be repeated in future. The confederacy was a traitor to america-a british agents;but ironically that same confedercy flag today is being propaganised by thier descendents as symbol of american independence and patriotism.Having lost the proxy war england resorted to the one thing it specialises-terrorism and misinformation. Abraham lincon was murdered by the person very sympathatic to britsh cause.(against Nepolean england had sent several terrorist squads-that is why Nepolean had to declare Himself an Emperor to maintain the clear line of successecion to protect glorious French Revolution). It is very interesting that most of the american presidents assasinated were those whom England did not want being elected. By the end of civil war ,instead of disinfranchasising the british supporters(of southern states) and taking away their land or atleast redistributing evenly the stolen land,the american govt. was pursuaded by britain to spare them and let those southern traitors keep all the stolen land so that drug(tobacco) and cotton would be of assured supply to england. Ofcourse by that time because of fall of Nepolean(brought about not by military might but by conspiracy to embroile the Europeans among each other( conspiracy hatched in london-that was the only english contribution to nepoleans' fall-forget waterloo whereAustrians and prussians had contributed most militarily):consequently england got free reign to exploit the rest of the world and amassed wealth.With that new loot the english shopkeepers started not only factory but also bought titles(Always a purchagable item in englad) and started giving themselves high sounding titles and names. With that they started the rumour that english people had class and aristocracy and america could rub some off it if it was willing to ply right and play right. During that period england started propaganda of herself being friend of america though in britain news it hardly gave any importance to americans except with contempt. When the first world war came, england had already infiltrated in the american decision making process.(Thogh some of southern traitors had fled to Canada, most had remained to slowly spread their cancerous tantackles tn American govt.The first world war had been started by england to destroy Germany and Russia at the same time. ENgland had got envious of german prosperity (by 1870 Germany without an empire had taken over england in industrial).Encyclopaedia brittanica writes(anyone can verify that) about Bismarck that Bismarck was aggresive in domestic policy but very very peacefull in foreign policy because he did not interfere with Others' empire making process.Try telling that to the then French and Austrian peoples. This only shows how the mind of england and anglosaxon race works even today. The same encyclopaedia hardly gives any cridit of roman empire to romans or Italians saying it was an world empire so Italians ((even of Rome) had little to do with with. Take all the credit for a bandit cum shopkeeper's empire(britishwhich lasted 100 to 150 yers but no credit to Romans for an empire of much better quality and longer duration.anyway during 1st world war the slogan of england was freedom for world from german aggraessin who wanted to take away world. This was from a shopkeeper's country who had imposed devastating assault on the whole world not only economically and poltically but also environmentally. The evil was giving a slogan to be spared!Thogh the main intentoion of Germans was against Russia(to which england had secretly given support) on england@s backstabbing Germans took decision to sort out the English aswell. With all the resources of empire(men and arms not to speak of money) England could not do anything against Germans who had been embroiled(as was planned by englad-Belgium's souverneighty was an excuse)on two fronts. This shows the inferiority of English military power at the height of her power(but then it never won war on stength but through indescrept looking spys.What hitler said of Jews was all wrong,it never applied to jews.Hitler was barking at wrong tree. What hitler said of jews aplleis only to english race and not anybodyselse. The jews in freemasonery are english agents-in freemasonery are many peoples other than jews. in fact freemasonary is shopkeeper@s race(english) spy machinary as are all the british jornalists who are still working-after clearance from brtitish spy service-mm5-as british spy.The jews got all the blame because their very small fish-main mastermind of international ring to take over world for its own gedy use has been england and no one else. Anyway ,English army and navy were so ineffective against German might that by 1917 england was loosing the war.Then come the immense pressure to declare war against germany by america. -in name of democracy.before that democracy word had not been used to defend anything. Now facing defeat england started talking of democracy just as it started talking of democratic reform 99 years after ruling Hongkong-an year before departure.Democracy from then will mean not what it is supposed to mean in dictionary meaning-but a special kind of system anywhere in the world which protects english interest and which allows england to exploit others race. A very famous news moghul (jewish) had been stopped from running american presidency because he might not have been inclined to rescue england in the 1st world war. Anywhay, the southern constitiuency was pressing hard for america to come to rescue englad who was staring defeat and thus loosing the prospect of enslaved nations who would have been feed from defeat of england. America did come to aid of england and it was called end of isolationalism. But this end of isolationalism would be tolerated only when it suits english interest against others and not in case of others like freedom for Irish people in northern Ireland(an occupied part of Ireland). But american intervention was not decisive-Russian winter wasAs it would be another war 20 years later. But the pattern had been setup for america to make her polices to suit english interest not only in domestic policy but also in foreign affairs. IN fact in pursuing such policy America is acting against the home countries of majority of her citizens. But who says in democracy majority rules . Who says in democracy peoples have choice. Democracy as practised and efined by the british media propagandists is any system of government -even by a pschotic like Jelstin in russia-which benefits british business and gives jobs to british people at the same time making pauper and slave ,stooge of english interest. Between the 2 world war,even before the rise of Hitler in germany the british agents and british sympathisers(who used to keep a photo of quun victoria in '20s as object of worship)started a terror of murder, killings and what not against not only the blacks but also catholics. This is how british always operate. first let be it white versus blacks. then whites versus jews. all one at time otherwise victims will be forwarned and retaliate . then white versus white catholics. then whites vesus white Germans. They do like that in nations they do ti peoples. only if the people realize that and finish these parasites off once for all! Those very confederecy flag bearers had recruited a lot af other whites to theuir cause and later on they would attck those whites also whose origin did not look like from england-one by one. Those same racists were the first to pressurise america to join 2nd world war for saving britain. so their racism was and is not for whote rasc but for a shopkeepers'race derived from Phoneacians(noneuropean) and who the world knows by the name of English and anglosaxonrace. From the 1st day of 2nd world war America secretly supplied arms and suppleis.british spitfire and other british arms were low quality useless junks-american plane along with Japenese Mitsubity and German planes were the real weopons of 2nd world war-but then british and anglosaxon media would like you to belive othewise. Reast we know. With 80 % of German's forces on winter Russian soil, even then germans were more superior in might and valour then the english who simply were conniving how to embroil others in the war rather than fight themseselves. Isrealies in last 50 years have won morw spectacular victories (without assistance of uno unlike som(in 48 war \isrealis Massesmitchs plane destroyed raf plane flowen by english(fighter) pilots who dared raid against Israel).But Isrealis do not celebrate so much (even 30 anniversary of taking of Western Wall in 67) with military band and show and do the english with their tarty shows of crap british war machine. But main point is why should american sources and effort be directed solely against others for the benefit of England(nor=t even scotland_in recent scotland limited freedom refredom bBc was vehemently opposed to giving any power other than a tocken on to install own bus survice or erect toilets). Afterall the population (legal) of united states constitutes more than 69 5 of those who did not come from Britain let alone england.In fact those who are noe-englang derived are the main people who made america graet otherwise america would have remained like canada-the largest country in the world with stole land of immense proportion ad thus benfiting from what comes out of stolen land-oil,timber,grain. Canada constituting mainly of(not french canda)those peoples who fled states after theirforfather's failed coup ateempt to take over united states(and thus relation of low brained confederacy's descendendents)are birish agents and also primary producers of the land(stolen). canada gross product constitutes very little of what man produces by brain or talent. The same way is of australia and newzealand. thes non-american anglosaxon countries arte thirld world-in fact their brain power is less than that of thirld world people. But then as west,as understood by English is realyy England and her descendents(anglosaxons) these backward countries-culturally and by crititarai iof per squre kilometer product . And this is exactly what united states was untill influx of immigratns from central and southern europe(who incidently came to america with mor money than the british. By the way canada is among the most 4th debted nation in the world but no body likes to expose and discuss it.It is the German scientists(till 1930 language of science was German and not english,it was after german speaking scientists came to america that grdually english(broken) became the language of high scince. IT is because of effort of these non-english immigrants that america acquired power of which she is so boastfull and which made her powerfull. As that intellectual property right of foreign country (rocket making,atomic bomb making ,china crockery,tea even gunpoweder from china) was stolen by both america and britain ,without paying royalty(how much british wedgewood or royal doulton or lipton tea has paid to china for having stolen china's product and reverse ingeneering?; it is why this so called called GAT pact must be scraped (as it produces rotten british beef in agriculture for once)and other countries should qcuire whatever arms they want want without giving a damn about anglosaxon world who incidently dropeed one and only one atomic bomb witout their security having been jeaporized(that is why they did it-if they know that they will also be annihilatted then there will a peace-borne out of fear.the only language anglosaxons understand.Anyway what these non-english immigrats got out of all these contribution? denigrating remarks, patronizing talk, and deliberete attempt to annihilate their identity-they call it mixed bowl. \even Einstein has not got a stream in the university town of pricton.\\they are called ethnic americans-Italian,greek,lithuvanian(Who incidently are the only aryan race speaker apart from latin in whole of European peoples and in america).Jewish ,Spanish etc.Implication being they are not really americans but only anglosaxons are ,. Even the Hispanic have been made villain as non americans. AS spanish were the first to discover america and stay)one third of america is stolen from spanish mexicans) and hispanic are sapanish and some are even halh spanish and half original americans(Called Indains),thoe hispanoic are the one who have got most right to stay in united states. But they are being labelled black as a sort of derogratory undesirable way. Blacks are the one who contributed most to what is any culture in america.129 years after slavery abolishion and 220 years ibndeop[endence, the blacks are not even third class citizen. It is this same america who .in order to harrass othr nation on one pretext or other ask third world country to improve human right situation,IN fact america nad engladn combined should be prosecuted in a war crime tribunal for crime commited against her citezens(non-england deriverd) and culprits 'property and all assents confiscated with capital punishments for many of tobacco barons and others pushers of alcohol,cigaterttes and what not.Main point is this england through her control of english propreitership, and through ufo-seeing morons(english gene plays a role here)have completellty cmanipulated most of not-brtish-derived that there is acoomon cause with those parasites first in name of black again white,having won that then they attack whit catholica, jews,spanish, germans and so on but not all at the same time-the game then will be revealed.Most of the english derived peoples are making money in jobs which does not require brain but are primary producers-of land(stolen from others)-timber.forestry,prairy agriculture,oilextraction etc. in other words anybody can do that if they also had that is parastic living. Unfortunatelly these land produced goods are what makes most profit(unless it happens to other countries ; product then price will be manipulated to go down to lowest possible level).Because of that parasitic illgotten money-which remined in the hand of traitotrs to united states(because after civil war their land was not confiscatedas it should have been)these southern village idiots (bible belt dewelleres-eumpherically called middle america)got rich and had undue influence on american polcy(as anglosaxons are low bred phonecian derived shopkeepers race,it is not surprising that money is their god and exploitatin and hatred their motto, and cowardice is their prudence and spying their only means of fighting for a such a coward weaklings. But majority of americans are long that because they do not belong to anglosaxon race. IN fact they are more intelligent and capable than all the anglosaxon morons af the world put together. They must make a think tank to root this evil out.They demand that there is enough talent in america itselves to make hollywood film and stop the british actor getting any job-the jobs which would have gone to americans. They should give less value to media pumpep up british pop musician whose song look like coming from badly split bamboo.ANd it is through brtish control media and hollywood that a positive pictuter is sought to be given of english shopkeepers(saying that they somehowcome from cally background-in fact every inadin and asian and german who went america came from much superior background -economically, sociaally, breeding and educatio than these english lowlifes who end up in hollywood only because they can speak(they can not write correctly-word processor comes to heir aid)in a low accent-more like fishmonger and most like a corner shopowner. DO we want these low lifes from britain?THeir visa should be confiscated and they need to apply the for visa the same way as any other people do. and selection criteria should be as stringent as asfor those from other country. In other words they not only have to pass stingent professional exam but also prove without reasanble doubt that they will be of PH.d. material. as for visa casual servants works like au-pair must be stopped.there aa lot of better americans who can do do it without killing babies.
ALl the non-english derived(i.e. nonanglosaxon race)race has to come together on this agenda to remove this english race's cancerous infiltration in america and it will be done bacase that disease does not let you leave in peopce and happiness.It feeds on others misery. athis awareness can comltely remove this englnd parasite from american scene and only then will america be free atlas.
It is the same class of british loving american traitors who hunted down all free thinking director, producers, actors and artists from hollywood. They hunted the jews so much that though hollywood had been started by the jews ,the jews never dared put in hollywood films anything other than glorifying those southern and western bandits who were of english extraction. the hollywood became a propaganda and fictional plot to further english interest. The hunting of artistd had been going on before war but after hitler it intensified. And these same racists did to jews and other minorities in hollywood worse than hitler could do to german film industry. since then hollywood has become an easy employment place for all sorts of rubbish british star who would get the jobs to the detriment of real american subjects.british are not even gratefull to the americans for that.They would propaganda for british films which are equally bad. failing their attempt to pump up british films, they would infiltrate american filmsincluding even the alien films where their low accent has no relevance. Then the british propaganda against hollywood that it is rubbish(though when French will like more european fims then they would protest). Hollywood is rubbish not inspite of but because of the presence of british(english) actors and so called british artists. Also hollywood;s agenda is determined by the british agents for england's interest. That is why is the hollywood rubbish-because of english stars' presence.and americaqns must wrest away this control for themselves rather than leaving hollywood as means of propaganda and employment for english foreigners.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This article appeared in the October 13, 1995 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.
The New
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
A new wave of international terrorism is stalking the world. It is led by a horde of mujahideen mercenaries: human flotsam, like the 1920s "rootless" veterans of World War I, cast upon the world in the wake of the 1980s Afghan war. This is the worst terrorism yet; it is much worse than that of the 1970s. It is coordinated from the capital of a former U.S. ally, London; worse yet, it was created with complicity of former U.S. Vice President (and, later, President) George Bush. It threatens you, and your family: perhaps directly, perhaps indirectly. We must mobilize to fight it, and to defeat it.
Therefore, the special problem which must be addressed by this series of EIR reports on the new international terrorism, is that, since persons such as Vice President George Bush, Oliver North, and numerous other U.S. and British officials, among others, were involved in helping to create it, there is a corresponding, high-level tendency, among certain authorities, to conceal key facts. The fact that the terrorism occurs, can not be hidden—not usually; what is covered up, is the fact that terrorism has a "mother," and also, occasionally, an "uncle."
Some readers will remember, that back during the 1970s, EIR performed a similar function against the international terrorism of that period. As in the 1989 myth, that Deutsche Bank's Alfred Herrhausen had been murdered by the (actually non-existent) Baader-Meinhof gang: Then, during the 1970s and 1980s, as now, official agencies preferred to evade the fact, that there were certain very influential agencies behind terrorist actions. Now, as then, few official intelligence and law-enforcement agencies, so far, have found the political courage to address the roots of the problem. Today, the fear, among relevant intelligence and law-enforcement agencies, of exposing a Thatcher government, or a "power-broker" such as George Bush, leaves it to private agencies, such as EIR, to fill the gap.
Directly to the point: As we have said, the heart of the new international terrorism is a legion of trained terrorists, formerly known as the mujahideen veterans of the 1980s Afghan war, which Vice President Bush and the British Thatcher government played a leading part in creating, arming, and deploying. Once the Soviet forces had retreated from Afghanistan, the Anglo-American-sponsored mujahideen, together with their massive drug- and arms-trafficking apparatus, were dumped on the world, a legion of "special forces"-trained mercenaries, for hire.
Today, that legion of mercenaries is a keystone-element within a new international terrorism, which reaches westward across Eurasia, from Japan, coordinated through a nest of terrorist-group command-centers in London, into the Americas, from Canada down to the tip of South America. During this month and next, EIR will provide two Special Reports on this new international terrorism, exposing the key organizations, and how they are interconnected.
In this present, first, report, we concentrate upon the keystone role of the mujahideen veterans of the Thatcher-Bush Afghan war. We show how these mujahideen are functionally integrated with every London-coordinated group operating currently in, and out of South Asia. In the coming, second part of our report, EIR will focus upon the principal London-coordinated terrorist networks currently operating in the Americas. This latter element features another leftover from the days of former Vice President Bush's so-called "Iran-Contra" drug-and-weapons rampage. In the second report, the key is a London-based Revolutionary Communist Party and its ally, the London-directed, Fidel Castro-led terrorist army known as The Forum of São Paulo.
'Ethnicity': the key to terrorism
In the following sections of this first report, we present some methods to aid the professional and laymen, alike, in mapping and tracking this terrorist menace. Tracking the terrorists by that method, EIR shows that 1990s South Asia terrorism is linked to the terrorism of earlier decades through the network of international drug- and weapons-trafficking connections which is pivotted upon a triad of Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge, the Sri Lanka "Tigers" (LTTE), and sundry facets of the Pakistan-centered Afghan veterans' mujahideen. This drug- and weapons-trafficking triad, is a keystone for armed irregular-warfare activities among a large assortment of so-called "ethnic minorities," all coordinated presently from London, which have been manipulated by British intelligence, continuously, over a period of between 150 and more than 200 years to date. That is the core of what we present, in this issue, as the South Asia component of the present wave of international terrorism.
The South Asia accumulation of so-called "ethnic and religious minorities," is centered along the southern political borders of China (and, extending into Tibet and Sinkiang), from northern Laos, westward, through Kashmir and Pakistan, into Algeria's anti-Islamic Salvation Front GIA terrorism, and beyond. The connections are not limited to that westward band of "ethnic and religious minorities," but that band represents the hard core of the phenomenon.
London's strategic use of "ethnicity" and religious sects, is not limited to South Asia. The activation of these long-standing assets, is key to all British long-term strategy in the Americas, Eurasia, and Africa, during the past 20 years. It is the basis for the British monarchy's genocide campaign against Rwanda and Burundi, and London's current efforts to bring about the total destruction of Nigeria and Sudan. It is also an integral component of London's strategic orientation toward the intended dissolution of Canada, of the United States, and of every presently existing nation of Central and South America. Ethnicity, whether in the foreign-directed insurgency within Mexico's federal state of Chiapas, Africa, and Eurasia, or the ongoing destruction of Australia, is the theme of the new, massive wave of international terrorism which London offices are directing today.
Look at British geopolitical strategy for Eurasia, and the way in which London's South Asia terrorism operations are deployed in support of that Eurasian strategy.
First, for the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with the key facts, "Britain" or "British," as used here, does not mean institutions of self-government representing the population of the United Kingdom. England under King Henry VII was an emerging modern nation-state, modelled upon King Louis XI's success in creating the first modern nation-state in France; with the accession of James I to the English throne, in 1603, England ceased to be a nation, and became instead a virtual mere plantation, a virtual colony of an international, Anglo-Dutch financial oligarchy, which, today, controls the marketing of the largest portion of those raw materials on which the world's population depends for its existence. "British," as used in this report, signifies a collection of several thousand either very rich, or otherwise powerful persons, from many nations, who herd around those British and Dutch monarchies, used, as were Venetian doges of old, as rallying-places for coming together to exert their global, imperial power.
Think of Royal Dutch Shell, ITT, Rio Tinto Zinc, or global British press-empires of Lord Beaverbrook's heirs, such as Rupert Murdoch or the Clinton-haters of the Canada-based Hollinger Corporation. Think of the network of British-controlled intelligence organizations, radiating from the Chatham House for which the treasonous Sir Henry A. Kissinger has worked the past 45 years, or the fascistic swamp-creatures of Mont Pelerin Society conservatives, such as the U.S. Heritage Foundation and Prof. Milton Friedman's acolytes. It is those agencies, like Hollywood "body-snatchers from outer space," who employ the British Isles as their breeding place. That typifies the functional meaning of the term "British Empire" in the strategist's, or anti-terrorist specialist's lexicon.
That use of the term "empire," references the example of the control still exerted by the rotting Byzantine Empire even during the process of its dismemberment, during the centuries prior to Venice's "Fourth Crusade" creation, the Latin Kingdom. That British imperialism, formerly the world's leading maritime power, is still the world's leading financial imperium. Still, today, through its far-flung intelligence network, and through its corrupting cultural influence upon former colonies, and even the United States itself, London, together with Oxford and Cambridge, exerts a malignant Byzantine quality of influence over the destiny of the planet as a whole.
A Paris boulevard publication, the famous Paris Match, recently described the British population as "half-wits."[1] The mouth of Lord William Rees-Mogg, Newt Gingrich booster, former London Times editor, and U.S. President Clinton's most tenaciously hateful enemy, has become the world's largest open sewer-pipe of demented ravings on a large array of topics. Rees-Mogg, for years the official "Josef Goebbels" of the British oligarchical mob, echoes the Yahoo-like intellectual qualities which are presently characteristic of the leading British families whom he has so long represented.[2] Nonetheless, whether allegedly half-witted, plausibly demented, or not, those decaying oligarchical relics are still very dangerous. It is that monstrously decadent, but still very poisonous British, Byzantine-like, imperial influence, which is the guiding hand behind the deployment of the new terrorist wave we are considering here. It is the current strategic doctrine of that Byzantine agency, which must be understood, to define and to defeat the new international terrorist threat.
When the British (as we have defined them here) speak of their strategy, their foreign policy, the two most indicative code-words are "geopolitics" and "balance-of-power." "Balance of power" is the favorite gutterance in Sir Henry A. Kissinger's obiter dicta. "Balance of power" is the term former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher uttered during a relevant recent broom-stop in South Asia. Current British balance-of-power doctrine for Eurasia as a whole, is summed up as follows.
The crux of world strategy today, is the prospect of cooperation among nations grouped around Moscow, Delhi, and Beijing, for the purpose of fostering the general economic renaissance of Eurasia. This economic boom is sought through a network of large-scale infrastructural projects which link the potential technological powerhouses of a revived European economy to the great concentrations of the world's population on the coasts of the Pacific and Indian oceans. This network of infrastructure development is termed, in policy shorthand, "the Eurasia Land-bridge."
The idea of creating such a railway-corridor-based land-bridge, was first put afoot during the 1890s, by such notable figures as France's Gabriel Hanotaux, Germany's Wilhelm von Siemens, and Russia's Count Sergei Witte.[3] To prevent this, Britain, then led by the Prince of Wales who became King Edward VII, launched a series of ventures which put the partners of the mid-1890s—France, Germany, and Russia—at one another's throats; the result was known as World War I.[4]
In 1933, out of fear that Weimar Germany might enter into economic cooperation with the Soviet Union, British interests, including the Prescott Bush who was the father of U.S. President George Bush, put Nazi Adolf Hitler into power in Germany, and aided Hitler into 1938, to ensure that a devastating war erupted to ruin both Germany and Russia once and for all.[5]
During October-November 1989, the government of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher responded to the crumbling of the "Wall" between eastern and western Europe, by declaring virtual war on Germany. The screeching Mrs. Thatcher's expressed fear, was that a reunified German economy, would turn its development potential eastward. "Fourth Reich!" Thatcher's minions shrieked! Thatcher acted with her lackey's, President George Bush's, support, to prevent the economic reconstruction of former East Germany. To the same purpose, Mrs. Thatcher's Britain, supported by President Bush, launched the effort to turn the former Soviet Union into an economic wasteland, a raw-materials-exporting, "Third World" region, which could never again become a part of a Eurasian challenge to London's imperial interests.
So, since October-November 1989, London's greatest fear has continued to be, that continental western Europe might enter into a Eurasian economic development program, from the Atlantic, to the Pacific and Indian oceans. Since the defeat of Mrs. Thatcher's stooge, President George Bush, in November 1992, London's fear has been that the United States might support a policy of Eurasian economic-development cooperation among nations grouped around Germany, Russia, and China. Now, since the election of France's President Jacques Chirac, the British oligarchy has reacted like a school of sharks in a feeding frenzy, with threats against the Presidents of both the United States and France, and with accelerated efforts to drown the world in the new wave of mujahideen-centered international terrorism.
What Baroness Thatcher's "balance of power" utterance signifies for all Asia, is the following. Britain is currently committed, by ongoing actions, to the disintegration of Pakistan, India, and China. The mechanisms currently in play to this effect are centered around the intent to utilize a London-orchestrated balance-of-power conflict between India and Pakistan, over Kashmir issues, as a lever for prompting the degree of balance-of-power conflict between Delhi and Beijing wanted to foster the crumbling of China's Tibet and Sinkiang regions. The internal dynamic of this overall game, is London's deployment of its terrorist-linked "ethnic" assets, to foster the internal dismemberment of both India and Pakistan, while employing the same "ethnicity games" to catalyze the conflict among India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and China. The mujahideen veterans are the key to the quality of effectiveness of the sundry, interlinked "ethnic" assets which London offices are deploying.
London's target: the nation-state
"Gentlemen: I must inform you, that our unsinkable ship, the Titanic, is sinking. While you were gambling in the ship's Mont Pelerin casino, the owners boarded all the ship's available lifeboats, and have departed. I suggest you make your arrangements accordingly, and quickly."
The exact date this "Titanic" will sink is uncertain. It could be next week, a few weeks downwind, or months ahead. The only outcome which is certain, is that it will go under soon. The ship in question is the world's present monetary and financial system. The "owners," by which one signifies the international financier oligarchical families, have, in point of fact, already taken to the lifeboats: They have left the doomed stock markets of the world, taking flight in their investments in precious metals, strategic minerals, fossil fuel resources, and shrinking world food supplies. Governments might stabilize the situation, by putting the Federal Reserve System and other central banking systems into government-controlled receivership; if governments lack the courage to do that, the whole system, monetary systems, financial institutions, and the negotiability of money itself, will simply disintegrate, and that at a time not far distant.
The kernel of the international oligarchy agrees with that picture of the present world financial situation. They have expressed their agreement, as did London's Sir Jimmy Goldsmith some time past, by taking to the lifeboats, getting off the British economic ship before it sank. The fact that the world as it has existed for all this past century, is now about to go out of existence, contributes a significant margin of added energy of desperation to every leading potential and actual crisis throughout the world. That consideration is key to the hysteria expressed by the antic Lord William Rees-Mogg, and to the vast scale and intensity with which the new wave of international terrorism is being deployed.
The question posed implicitly to every member of the Anglo-Dutch-led international financial oligarchy, is whether the oligarchy itself is going to survive, or not. Will the oligarchy outlive the obliteration of its own present, worldwide monetary and financial system? Clearly, in running out of speculation in financial paper, into physical possession of the most vital raw materials, the oligarchy has shown its determination to outlive the general extermination of money, banks, and stock markets. One might ask, therefore: What more does the oligarchy have to fear than that? The answer to that question is: the modern form of nation-state republic; to understand the oligarchy's fear on that account, one need but conjure up the name of U.S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton.
Could a nation-state outlive the collapse of a worldwide monetary and financial system? The brilliantly successful revival of what appeared to be a hopelessly bankrupt, March 1789 U.S.A., under the leadership of President George Washington and his Treasury Secretary, Hamilton, is living historical proof that a nation-state following the same anti-British principles as did Washington and Hamilton, could survive quite nicely. To bring this about today, several principled measures are indispensable:
Put the old bankrupt monetary and financial systems into receivership, and reorganization in bankruptcy, by the relevant national government.

Create immediately a new supplementary issue of national currency, in the form of negotiable currency-notes of the public treasury, and put those notes into circulation through selective measures of lending for capital improvements in physical production and basic economic infrastructure.

Create a national bank, as both an agency of deposit for the national government, and as a primary lender of government issues of currency-note credit for productive investment.

Use the power of the state to launch a range of productive and infrastructural investments sufficient to bring about rapid expansion of productive employment up to a prescribed "full employment" level.

Enter into protectionist forms of tariff and trade agreements, both to protect national productive investments (and employment), and to foster an expansion of mutually beneficial hard-commodity trade among nations.
The enactment of such emergency measures by a strategically decisive aggregation of nation-states, means an end to the power of that pack of parasites which has ruled the modern world too long, the Anglo-Dutch-centered international financier oligarchy. Such measures are the only means by which existing nation-states could survive a collapse of the severity now in progress. Governments which would, ordinarily, lack the political courage to undertake such reform measures, are being challenged by the kind of onrushing collapse which would tend to impel even the most timorous regime into bold recovery measures. Hence, the oligarchy is at the extremes of hysteria, in its determination to destroy existing nation-states, especially the United States of America, before the point is reached that such recovery measures might be forced onto the table for immediate action.
That hysteria is key to the way in which London-centered forces are pushing for Quebec separatism now: to use that as the first of a series of chain-reaction developments intended to bring about the weakening, and de-centralizing, and early dissolution of the U.S.A.—among other existing nation-states. That is why London's terrorist and other assets are being used in the effort to destroy the present governments of Sudan, Kenya, and Nigeria, as London has already unleashed its genocide against Rwanda and Burundi. This is the consideration underlying the unleashing of ethnicity-accented international terrorism within South Asia and the border-areas of China.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

kill the british troops in iraq and kill tony balir anywhere.
british are the real terorists.

british are inciting americans as they did agasint iraq in 1990.

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